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Monday 22 July 2013

Top Ten Noodle Recipes

Noodles are the quite brilliant. When we're tipsy, they have us. When we're hungover, they save us. When we work late and can't be bothered to cook, they save us (actually, sometimes the Chinese takeaway saves us, but noodles are still very heavily involved). When we need to cook something gluten free, they save us. So it's about time we had a round up of our best noodle recipes.

Ramen might appeal to our meat-eating readers, but Sara worked her magic and came up with a splendid vegetarian version.

This chicken noodle salad is the perfect summer dish for gluten intolerances. Stick to rice noodles if you want a gluten free meal.

Gluten free soba noodles are another brilliant option. Soup noodles kill all ills.

It's true. We believe very firmly in the powers of noodle soup. Had a shit day at work/been dumped/just feeling under the weather for no real reason at all? Soup noodles are your saviour.

These Thai soup noodles are perfect for sniffles.

Actually, Thai noodles are pretty perfect without the soup. Loads quicker, too.

This crispy tofu goes so well with noodles.

Have we discussed our obsession with salmon? No? But it works so well with Thai flavours! Our salmon Thai broth is basically happy in a bowl.

It works will with Japanese flavours as well. Salmon teriyaki with noodles is basically your dinner sorter this evening. Or try our teriyaki pork chops.

Speaking of pork, our pork stir fry is so quick. Just throw everything in one pan and settle down with a beer in front of Eastenders just a few minutes later. See? Noodles are brilliant.

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