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Thursday 11 July 2013

Sundae Lunch: Ice Cream Dishes

My Saturday job as a teenager was in a coffee shop that served a wonderful selection of ice cream sundaes. As well as the obligatory Knickerbocker-glory, we made exotic fruit sundaes and a maraschino cherry concoction that involved balancing ice cream and whipped cream on top and walking like a tightrope artist to the table before the whole thing collapsed. On sunny days like these, I find myself craving one of those ice creams, a towering pile of fruit, ice cream and sauce, topped with cream, what could be better?

Instead of a boring desk lunch, I want to dig my favourite ice cream out of the freezer, add strawberries, crushed meringue and sprinkles, sit outside and make the most of this lovely weather. If there's fruit in it then it's practically salad, isn't it? This sundae dish is melamine, so you can go out without worrying  about accidentally dropping it on the ground (or even carry it around the kitchen without worrying about dropping it on the floor. Some of us are clumsy.) This prettily pink dish is currently £3.60, down from £5, at Laura Ashley, so pick up a set before they run out.

The gluten free amongst us will know the deep disappointment of an ice cream cone, it's an opportunity for ice cream spoiled. Marks & Spencer, however, have brought us the next best thing – acrylic ice cream bowls that look like colourful cone cups! The set of 4 is £9.50, and they're ideal for picnics and barbecues.

While diving, face first into a tower of ice cream is always tempting, you'll probably need some spoons. There's nothing more frustrating than losing your spoon in your sundae because it's just too short. These  tall spoons are £2.80 for a set of eight, at Habitat so you'll never have that sticky problem again!

If you're not up for a dairy-filled extravaganza, then what about some sorbet? This glass sorbet  dish at the top of the page is from Sorbet Living. It's £17 so it's probably not for those aforementioned clumsy types, but it is simply gorgeous.

In the mood for ice cream? Check out our top ten ice cream and sorbet recipes for some inspiration.

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