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Monday 15 July 2013

You're Awesome: A Reminder

If you're having a slightly ropey time at the minute and need a reminder that things will get better, then look no further. I've gathered some kick-ass things you can wear or gaze upon to remind yourself you're an awesome person and you will be ok. And there's not a "KEEP CALM AND..." to be found, promise.

I love this vintage pendant from Naturally Heartfelt, who have captured a fragment of musical score to remind you you're strong (or rather, "strong!-"). It's made of antique bronze and costs £24.50 from What I Always Wanted.

A secret message, just for you: this ring has 'stay awesome' printed on the inside. It's £6.79 from fromtheinternet on Etsy. Or how about a Hakuna Matata wrap ring? My love for the Lion King has increased exponentially since Kat revealed the lyrics to Circle of Life translate to "here comes a lion,  oh yes it's a lion".

We have a lot of love for Wonder Woman round here, and these hair clips are definitely about to be added to our collection. Get a pair for £8.15 from Etsy and remind yourself you're a superhero.

You're ace! No, really - not one but TWO kittens say so. This Gemma Correll card is £2.50 from Tatty Devine and would look very fetching in a frame. Or just post it to yourself. A friend introduced me to the concept of sending postcards to yourself, as a reminder of what a lovely time you had on holiday. Who doesn't love getting post?

Need a pick-me-up right now? Then visit Emergency Compliment. Obviously they're auto-generated but they can still make me a bit heart melty. I just got "I would totally trust you to dog sit for a long weekend" followed by "those shoes were a great call". Oh Emergency Compliment, have you done something new with your hair?


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