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Thursday 11 July 2013

Nerdtendo Gamebooze! Geeky Gaming Hip Flasks

Question: Who doesn't love a hip flask?

Answer: Weird people, that's who!

Question: What about if that hip flask were tarted up to look like a historically awesome gaming console?

Answer: OMFG I am having a heart attack right now! Ok, ok, let's do a swap. You Q, I A.

Question: I'm a little confused? But ok, let's do it.

Question: Oh my good grief, it's a Pikachu hip flask. Who DOES these incredible things? Where do I get them from?

Answer: The amazing Athena's Wink on Etsy.

Question: TAKE MY MONEY! No, wait, how much are they?

Answer: She's based in Brooklyn, so including postage any one of these babies will cost you just over £20.

Question: There...there are more?

Answer: *getting bored of Question's enthusiasms* Yes, yes there are lots of them. Here, just - just look at them for a bit, I'm getting a coffee.

Mega (drunk) Man!
 Snorlax! (Back on to Pokemon now. She does a LOT of Pokemon which is all kinds of amazing, even the more obscure ones like...)
Umbreon! Yaaaaaaaaay!

There are loads more of amazing designs in store, so go and fill your boots. Happy drinking, one and all.

Thanks to the amazing @peachesandscream for the tip on Incredible Things.

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