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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Go Full Circle With a Magic Dress!

I am an enormous fan of magic dresses. Obviously, for boring reasons of not living in a Disney film, they are no good at all for magicking all your chores done or taking you to Narnia, but in terms of just pulling it over your head and instantly feeling Done and looking Put Together and At Your Best, they can't be beaten.

This circle dress, from M&S, is just such a one of those dresses. It flatters, adds shape where there is none, minimises anything you feel wobbly about, and is in such a nice, relaxing colour palette that I'm not praying they bring out another variety in red.
I love everything about this dress. The sleeves! The sleeves are just the right length, and the ruching is one of those strange, witchy magic tricks that makes the tops of your arms look brilliant instead of like you're smuggling hams. Ok, you might be blessed with amazing arms, forgive me.

The ruching around the waist is another joy. Ordinarily I am not a fan, but with the fantastic pattern, the high neck and the sleeves, it's just plain sexy. It's tight without being overly so, that fabric is a wonder at skimming and making the most of, and this is the sort of dress that you just walk better in.
Another nifty trick: The light colour on the sleeves and waist skims and slims. It goes against every "but dark colours are slimming!" credo that has ever been uttered, but it just works. Magic. And magic will cost you £39.50 in sizes 6 to 22 (order in store for sizes 6 and 20).

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