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Friday 5 July 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: The Curious Pancake

I love buying presents, I really do. I like plotting and planning what to buy, searching for the perfect gift, and then keeping it a secret until the big day. But sometimes, just sometimes, all I really want is a quiet corner of the internet where I can go in times of need to quickly buy a small gift and a card, and be done with it. I want the present to be special, the card to be gorgeous, and the prices to be reasonable. 

Reader, I have found my happy place: The Curious Pancake. Not only does it have the most fabulous name in the history of shop names, but it also sells a heap of beautiful things by a wide-range of designer-makers, as well as a formidable selection of cards for all conceivable occasions. These sweary pencils by The Big Harumph are just £4.50 for a set of four, and would definitely put a big silly smile on the face of your lucky giftee. I'm buying them for me, love me, because SWEARY PENCILS. 

Slutettes, meet Jane and Trudy - surely themselves Domestic Sluts of the highest order. These lovely ladies are brought to us courtesy of Ladybird Likes - pin one on your (pea green, bracelet-sleeved) coat and let them guide you with style. They're £8 each. 

If I can't have a full-size Brownie Starlet camera in perfect working order, then I'll settle for a teeny-weeny wooden necklace version. This one's £10-worth of pure cute. 

Speaking of pure cute - look at this wee beastie! He's a card by Lisa Jones, and he's £2.50. I'd frame him if someone sent him to me.

This little raccoon started life as a card! Yup, Alice Melvin's cut out and make animal cards are £2.60 each, and are a double-whammy of card AND present. Although, sentence of doom alert: paper fasteners are not included. Where do we buy them? Do we have to raid a primary school? I haven't seen a paper fastener (or togglythingamabob, to give it its Sunday name) for decades.

I love these notebooks, covered in New York brownstones, and they're in the sale right now so they're only £6.50 each! That's a lot cheaper than an actual New York brownstone, fact fans. 

I am at prime Friends Having Lots Of Babies age, and I struggle to find cards that don't feature:

1. Storks - a factually incorrect representation of childbirth.
2. The words 'Baby Boy!' or 'Baby Girl!' in pastel-coloured swirly fonts - stating the obvious.
3. Something absolutely effing stupid written inside - yes, I do hope your smashing little baby has a long, healthy, lucky, fabulous life. No, I don't want to convey that message as if English is my fourth language and I've been wetting the baby's head for six consecutive days and nights.

So hallelujah for The Curious Pancake's fantastic baby card edit (which includes a stork card, and I'm fine with that) - especially this Welcome, Peanut! card by Egg Press. I'm also in love with their Hello, Little One card, featuring a hedgehog and a mushroom. Welcome a peanut or mushroom into your life for £3.


  1. Hey, thanks so much for featuring our little store on your blog today! We were inundated with orders and have great big grins on our faces this evening! Hooray for sweariness and cuteiness :-D

    1. You're welcome! So glad about your big grins! I had a big grin browsing through your lovely shop! Swears and cutes 4 eva.


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