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Monday 29 July 2013

Bare Conductive's DIY Light-up Card Kit

Geeks assemble! I have a really nifty thing to tell you about. Bare Conductive paint is the world's first non-toxic, electrically conductive paint available to we consumers. We all know circuitry is fun (yes we do, don't argue), but its fun level has increased exponentially with the new possibility of drawing circuits on robots and making their tiny robot hearts beat with a flashing light. (Italics don't really properly emphasise my excitement, but there were too many words to caps lock.)

Here's what I'm talking about. Buy a greeting card kit from Bare Conductive for just £12, and you'll get everything you need to work electronic magic on three cards - two pre-printed robots (complete with the lines where you should draw your circuits), and one blank card which you'll be able to tackle once you've mastered the basics. Somewhere deep in the recesses of your mind, you know the basics, don't you? Well, there's no harm in a refresher course.

Along with the cards, you get all the fun stuff you need to set your cards alight (no, not a box of matches). A Bare Paint pen, cell batteries, and four flashing LEDs are all included, so you can start being all clever and conductive right away. The robot instruction sheet is simple to understand and will have you glowing in no time.

Time for an animated GIF, don't you think? Look at this little chap's eyes! You made that! I mean, you could make that.

If the greeting card kit whets your appetite, you can buy the pens and batteries separately. There's also a light house kit, which would make pretty lovely light-up gingerbread houses for Christmas, and an awesome classroom card kit for any teachers out there. 

Just one more GIF before we part ways. His tiny robot heart is beating with a flashing light! 

*perishes of cute*


  1. This is, quite frankly, the greatest.

  2. I have wanted conductive paint in a pen for so long! So excited to find it actually exists now!


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