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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Sluttery Travels: Leeds Castle, Kent

There appears to have been an oversight. Despite writing about the very best boutique hotels in Kent, and showing you some great castles you can stay in, I had no idea that you could stay in Leeds Castle.  In a knight's tent!

The knight's tents are just one holiday option at Leeds Castle, but they're definitely my favourite. You might stay in a stripy tent, but you actually get a four-poster bed to sleep on under snuggly throws. And they'll bring you breakfast hampers of flasks of coffee and bacon sandwich for a fiver.

And you get to play in the grounds when everyone has gone home! You're also allowed - nay, encouraged - to cook outdoors in the open fire pit. The tents are staying up until the end of September and are around £100 a night.

Don't fancy staying in a tent? Leeds Castle also has some beautiful holiday cottages. Prices depend on which cottage you go for - there are some that sleep ten, but Wier Cottage (pictured above) is my favourite and sleeps just two. Prices seem to start around £700 or so for a week and if you can't be bothered to cook, there's always the castle restaurant.

Don't want to fend for yourself and don't want to sleep in a tent? Alright fussypants, then why not stay in the Leeds Castle B&B? It's contained in the stables of Leeds Castle and as you can see from the photo above, really quite close to the castle itself.

Oooh, pretty. And this option is open all year 'round. Prices are around £90 and once the day guests have gone, you've got your very own medieval playground. Shoo, tourists, I've got some historical silliness to be getting on with.

Images via The Leeds Castle Foundation. Brilliant tip off from Luke, the boy housemate. He doesn't have a foundation. Want more inspiration? Check out our boutique hotel map.

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