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Monday 29 July 2013

Spine Thrillers: Beautiful things for bookworms

If you've been reading the Domestic Sluttery series, "What have we been reading...?" posts, you'll know what a bunch of book lovers we are. But when books and pretty meet, we're virtually in Sluttery heaven.

Virtually, but not quite. But I think I've found the things that will make our joy complete. Here's five steps to a bookish heaven:

Anthropologie's page turner placemat will appeal to anyone who has ever attempted to organise their books by colour (er, me then). For £12, it will add valuable reading matter to the dining table. Sadly, however, the names and the titles on the spines are all fictitious (though I've been enjoying speculating that one of the authors, 'A.J. Brown', is a distant relative of Kat's)

If you are the kind of person who loves scanning a row of spines, I suspect you might enjoy the work of Standard Designs. From a distance this print looks like a fairly regular collection of vintage Penguins. Peer closer and you'll realise the titles on the spines are all the songs from the Stone Roses' debut album. One for those who are firmly in the centre of the Venn diagram of books and indie - admittedly quite a big centre - there are also designs inspired by Radiohead and The Smiths. This print is available for £15.

I'm a firm believer that books have a place in every room of the house - though some of my reading while washing up time-saving efforts have ended in upsetting mishaps. If only I'd spent £9.99 on this books tea towel from Zara Home I would have saved myself a lot of heartbreak, sigh...

The titles on this Books and Flowers mug are definitely getting a space in my kitchen. It's a gorgeous 50s-influenced design from Sophie Richardson. Just add coffee and a cosy spot to make for the perfect reading companion. It's £12, and the same design is also available on a teapot and a cup and saucer - the happiness!

Judge a book by its cover? Sometimes. I'm more likely to judge a person by the books they read. Which makes deciding between these book stack illustrations from The Boho Press an extra tricky business. On the right, the titles in the stack include High Fidelity, Slaughterhouse 5, The Virgin Suicides and The L-Shaped Room, while the left pile includes Fahrenheit 451, The Cement Garden, The Great Gatsby and Brideshead Revisited. The good news is that you probably don't need to choose, as the prints are just £16 each. Happy reading.


  1. LOVE! Love all of these SO MUCH! The place mats! The tea towel! Arrrgh, roll on payday!

    (I wish I was related to said writer. Never mind eh.)

    1. Ah, Kat, what a disappointment on the A.J. Brown front - a (not so well hidden) nom de plume for you maybe?

  2. Can I add an item or two? I love these scarves printed with text from various books... the trouble is which one to buy!


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