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Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Kid Who

The Kid Who claims to be a kids' shop, but I've spotted at least a dozen things that are destined for my home. I might be 33 and childfree, but does that really mean I can't have a rabbit night light or a plate with a cat on it? DON'T ANSWER THAT. Just read on, whether you have a tiny person to buy for or a secret hankering for every children's homeware department you walk through.

What would you spell out across your living room wall with a DIY word banner? Mine would definitely not be 'I LOVE GAMES'. It would more likely be 'IF IT'S AFTER MIDNIGHT YOU'VE OUTSTAYED YOUR WELCOME PLEASE GO HOME NOW'. That's probably more than 122 letters, but at £9 a pack, I can stretch to two.

A bunny night light! For £5! He's only 15cm high so could perch daintily next to your bedtime reading pile.

This print would cheer up any room. Balloons, a sensibly attired Frenchman (well, he's wearing a beret), a dog barking "ouaf! ouaf!": what could be nicer? It's £18.50 and you should absolutely ignore the suggestion to put it in a child's bedroom, as they'll only get crayons or jam or Lego on it.

Paws up who wants a melamine cat plate to take on a picnic? At just £6.40, you could get the whole collection. I'm pretty fond of the lion, and the owl which appears to have bunches.

The Kid Who sell beautiful cards, from this elaborate pop-out tree of life card to this simple cat one. My current fave is this pop-out peacock card. At just £3.50, it's a card and a gift all in one.

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  1. Sara, I am 33 and I own that bunny night light. It's totally acceptable.


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