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Friday 19 July 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Oasis, Accessorize & ASOS

If you're into: 
  • Saving money
  • Not being stark naked all the time
  • Protecting your feet
  • Having something to cart your stuff around in
  • Jangling and tinkling
  • Purses with mouths and googly eyes
... the following Public Service Announcement might be relevant to your interests.


Jarlo striped dress, £38 (was £65), ASOS

Stripes and summer go together like peas and carrots, jelly and ice cream, sausages and salad cream (No? Just me then). Doing yourself up like a deckchair is a tip-top hot weather pastime, and what a wonderful walking deckchair you'll be in this Jarlo striped dress from ASOS. Stripes of all colours! Of all sizes! Going this way and that! Don't stand still for too long, or someone will try to sit on you.

Strawberry stripe dress, £35 (was £55), Oasis

More stripes, but this time STRIPES FASHIONED OUT OF STRAWBERRIES. The straightforwardly-named strawberry stripe dress from Oasis is pure perfection, and the pattern means you can spill each and every one of our top ten strawberry creations down your front and no-one will be any the wiser. 


Pieces Estrid bag, £28 (was £38), ASOS

My yellow handbag obsession isn't going anywhere, but my pocket money might be going straight to The Bank of ASOS in exchange for this Pieces bag.

Mari tote in coral, £27 (was £39), Accessorize

We were already pretty keen on the Mari tote bag from Accessorize when it came in a range of delectable autumnal shades last year. Now it's had a summer update, and this coral number has been calling my name from the depths of the sale. "Laura", it says, gently at first. "I'm here, Laura. Let me in."

Then, more loudly, more urgently: "LAURA! LAURA! LAURA!". All night long, begging me to save it from the murkiness of handbag limbo.

And that's when I woke up and realised I'd locked my boyfriend out of the house. 


Larry flats, £16 (was £25), ASOS

What is he? A cat? A bat? A bush baby? No matter - his name is Larry and he's the face of these ASOS ballet flats. And the good news is, he's a twin, so you actually get two shoes! Unusual, I know.

Eley Kishimoto for Clarks wedges, £24.99 (was £80), Schuh

I still love these Eley Kishimoto for Clarks wedges as much as I did when Kat first wrote about them earlier this year. And HOLY DISCOUNT, SLUTETTES - there's 55 quid off 'em over at Schuh.


Emily Rothschild dancing couple spin-off necklace, £47.80 (was £55.90), Fab

This necklace spins! And when it spins, the couple dances! And when the couple dances, the whole world dances. And when the whole world dances... I'm not sure what happens next. Possibly some sort of giant tidal wave. Why not buy it and find out?

Dorus Mhor Liberty print earrings, £17.50 (was £25), Boticca

ADORE. British-born Elizabeth Bloom of Dorus Mhor creates these beautiful Liberty print beads, and then makes brilliant bits of jewellery with them. I'm particularly enamoured with these spraypaint-esque earrings - but do check out the whole collection on Boticca. There's tons of her stuff in the sale, too. Ace. 


Deena & Ozzy Smiley Bob purses, £5 each (was £10 each), Urban Outfitters

Now then. I'd have loved these Deena & Ozzy Smiley Bob purses when I was 3 (although, choking hazard ahoy), and I love them at 33. I expect when I'm 333, I'll still love them. There's just something about a googly-eyed, furry purse with a mouth that straddles the generation gap, right?

So, on to today's burning questions:

1. Have you found any incredible bargains this week?

2. Do you eat sausages with salad cream?


  1. These all please me greatly. ESPECIALLY the purses.

    Is Larry an owl?

    And yes to sausages and salad cream, but only cocktail sausages, otherwise I mix the salad cream with ketchup. That saud combo I eat with everything.

    1. The purses are a triumph!

      AN OWL! I see that now. I think he might be.

      I like a salad cream/ketchup combo, too, although I don't mix them together. I just double-dip. :)

  2. He has very sleepy owl eyes He could be an owl.

    1. He's been walking too much. He's very tired.

  3. Mayo and tomato sauce. Dipped into each in turn. Rot und Weiss.......yum. Larry is totally an owl!

    1. Oh yes, YUM!

      He is. I'm going with the majority vote here and accepting that he is not a cat, bat, or bush baby. He's definitely an owl.

  4. Sausages with salad cream?! Ewwww... It's all about the HP Sauce.

    1. It's delicious, honest! I do like a blob of HP with my bacon sarnie, though (although salad cream tastes very good with those, too!).

  5. The wedges are down to 24.99GBP - opps, just bought them...

    1. Yay! They're such a bargain! And, AND: when I wrote this, my size (8) was out of stock, but now it's not! So I've just bought them too! DOUBLE AMAZEMENT!

      I'll update the post to reflect this new, even lower price. Thanks for the spot!

  6. I absolutely love the strawberry stripe dress... if only I had money to spend!!

    1. It's so pretty, isn't it? Keep your eyes peeled - Oasis often keep reducing!


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