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Thursday 11 July 2013

Sluttishly Scientific: Lotions and Potions

Lab coats and safety specs on Sluttery readers. We're going to be scientific for a bit and, frankly, references to lab coats and safety specs is about the limit to my how-science-works knowledge. I'll be getting some much better props soon, as there's lots of lab ware-inspired designs at the moment, inspired by lotion and potion making.

These brilliant alcohol and Gin and Tonic flasks are the work of Vinegar and Brown Paper. I found this great site for lovers of all things scientific and alcoholic and terrific through the (also terrific) Designers Block blog. Vinegar and Brown Paper is the work of Andy Popular who sources vintage glassware and etches them with witty sayings or symbols. Pricing depends on size but these flasks are about £30 to £45 each (I'm also a big fan of his milk bottles). Booze by the flask - yes, please. Don't forget the lab ware carafe from Present Indicative as well.

What does this site enjoy almost as much as boozing? Judging by recent posts, it's a spot of colouring in. Introduce some method to your doodling madness with this neon lab marker, £3.95 from Bloomsbury Store. I'm not sure why a marker needs its own bottle - because neon should be used with caution perhaps?

We've also been showing lots of love for Ji Ji Kiki recently. They've got the lab chic look covered with these elemental potion necklaces. Available in four glittery colours for £10.50 each, they're perfect for inspiring some magic - or mischief - making.

Time to progress to Advanced Potion-making. It's from The Printorium - designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima who did the graphic prop design for the Harry Potter films. This poster was originally created for the Half-Blood Prince and is now available for us muggles to buy as a limited edition for £79. Use it to inspire your own lotion and potion making adventures.


  1. Their names even sound like something out of a Harry Potter book!

  2. Those Vinegar and Brown Paper flasks are a work of genius. I think my about-to-start-an-MBA husband will be needing some entrepreneurial spirit in September!

    1. Perfect! It's a great site for presents, isn't it?

  3. Thanks for the compliment you're blog is pretty terrific also xx

  4. I need to learn how to spell your :)


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