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Thursday 18 July 2013

Buckitt - Awesomer Bags For Life!

Buckitt Two (closed, with zip)

I've got hooked on Kickstarter. So far I'm funding a film, a documentary about classic teen films, and yesterday I funded a new cafe in Camberwell!

Seriously, this might be a problem. Please stop me funding things.

Designer Rae Jones has specialised in leather goods for 15 years and decided to go into bags after getting fed up with seeing women carrying their stuff round in tatty canvas bags and supermarket carriers, which means she, er, probably works very closely to where I do.

Buckitt One (open)

The Buckitt bag is designed to make lugging groceries and your life that bit nicer. (It's also to keep you on your toes - I've spelled it wrong in about six different ways so far). Its individual parts can be replaced over the years, and then there's my favourite bit. It is going to be made in a factory just outside Manchester which has been facing closure due to its luxury clients heading overseas. Jobs! Quality leather! A nice bag! Win.

The Kickstarter goodies vary from a postcard (£5) to a keyring (£10), loops, pouches and purses, all the way up to £2500 for an investor special. I like the early bird offer: 30 Buckitt One bags available in the colour of your choice for £170 instead of £260. If you'd rather have it personalised,  you can bid for that option too.

There's something incredibly addictive in both supporting something that you believe in, and being able to make it happen. People can achieve amazing things through crowdfunding - you only need to look at The Oatmeal's brilliantly loopy charity projects on Indiegogo. Have you guys funded anything? Or do you have more self-control than I do?

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