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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Sluttishly Surreal: bonkers but brilliant bits for your home

Do you ever get interiors fatigue? When you realised you've added the same tasteful mid-century influenced interior to your pinterest board several time over because - no matter how tasteful or stylish it is - it's obviously dull to the point of instant forgetfulness.

It must be a reaction to all this obvious good taste which has lead to a new, alternative interiors trend. A trend I'm calling, for want of an official term, completely bonkers. Like the crazy animal heads, for example. Or the Surprise Surprise lamp. Or a light that's shaped like a jelly. And, let's face it, if there's ever a face-off between good taste and a light that's shaped like a jelly, I'm always going to be the side of a light shaped like a jelly.

That light shaped like a jelly, shown above, is made by Mathmos, best known for their lava lamps. And not only is this light shaped like a jelly - it changes colour too. You press down on the top to stop it on your favourite colour. See? Completely bonkers. And £29.99 well spent if you ask me.

What else is there if you prefer to live your life on the surreal side? Well, how about a surreal side table. This card table creation looks as if it is made from playing cards but stands at 50cm high. It's priced at a put-it-on-your-card £145, and is available from Panik Design.

Panik Design are also selling this great scribe coat rack, which replaces the normal coat hook with symbols that look like they've come straight off a typewriter. It's good for the £s too, as it's only £35.

To be fair to all of the above products, at least they all have a purpose to their existence, no matter how fancifully they've dressed it up. Not so this 15cm high safety pin by House Doctor. I assume its purpose is purely decorative, for a babies room or your personal punk rock shrine. Great for displaying jewellery, says the blurb at Fig. 1, hopefully. I guess finding it a purpose is not too important - it's priced at a mere £3.50.

Even Ikea is at it, suggesting we decorate our home with giant buttons, and a lime green button at that. They call the Graddig buttons, available for £15, "playful and surprising". Perhaps they won't be quite so surprising when you realise every home in Britain has picked up a set along with their tea lights but at least it makes a change from using the same old Lack coffee table to spruce up your space.

I wait with baited breath to see what bonkers products designers will come up with next. If you need me in the meantime, I'll be found staring at my colour changing jelly light.

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