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Monday 8 July 2013

Top Ten Elderflower Recipes

It's here! The moment Britain has been waiting for has finally happened! No, not Murray winning Wimbledon (woohoo!), it's elderflower season again. Here are our top ten elderflower recipes.

First up, you're going to need some elderflower cordial. If you don't fancy making you own, you can buy this from most supermarkets (it'll be in the bit with the posh grown up soft drinks). Make some elderflower and lavender syrup while you're at it.

Elderfower and absinthe? Oh yes. Try our Love on the Run Cake.

Shortbread it the perfect biccy to introduce flavours to. Sara's lemon and elderflower shortbread is the ideal summery biscuit.

We showed you our top ten strawberry recipes last week, but our strawberry tart recipe also has elderflower in it so it's the perfect excuse to share it with you again.

Want some drink inspiration for your cordial? We have loads of that. Try our Sussex sparkler. Elderflower and apples are friends so mix cider and elderflower into a British Orchard cocktail or go for our English Garden recipe.

More drinks? Boozehounds, the lot of you. You definitely can go wrong with our precursor, or our hard lemonade. If you want something booze free, our Respect Your Elders (named by our readers!) is the cocktail for you.

The Hugo is actually South Tyrol's national cocktail (is ours snakebite and black? Bloody Mary?) and the perfect summer drink. Traditionalists among you might fancy an elderflower martini or try a fallen angel martini for an extra kick.

Speaking of martinis, we've even got a recipe for elderflower martini jelly. We also put a good slug in our cheaty raspberry ice cream.

And while we're on the subject of jelly, this eldersherry jelly might be savoury but it ticks all of the boxes in this post - booze, elderflower and jelly. You're definitely allowed to eat it with a spoon.

Want more recipe inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipe compilations.

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