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Thursday 4 July 2013

Twirl and Werk! Moustache Coat Hangers

By and large, coat hangers are pretty boring. I have a bag full of them at home, waiting for me to either give them to a charity shop (What! They're good quality wood!) or turn them into some kind of art installation-cum-rubbish dump elsewhere.

These ones though are great. I know that you might right now be going "I cannot BELIEVE that Sluttery girl is making me look at yet another bloody moustache." I was one of you. I can't stand 'fun' moustache products usually, and yet these are silly enough to make me like them an awful lot.
They're clearly of no use whatsoever for hanging up anything that doesn't have straps, or those annoying little silk inner bits I usually end up cutting out in frustration, but what the hell. You only get four, and that's enough.
The moustache hangers are an online-only purchase from Urban Outfitters, £8 for four down from £16. 

But of course, as we all know, this is the best moustache ever:

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  1. I saw these Confused Coathangers at the New Designers fair last night:


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