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Friday 5 July 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: & Other Stories, Anthropologie and French Connection

Inexplicable quantities of orange, navy and boats this week. But, as Liberace/Mae West said, too much of a good thing is... wonderful.


Gigi slingbacks, £39.95 (was £138), Anthropologie

Ahoy there, sailor! You've left your Gigi slingbacks ashore and now Anthropologie is trying to flog them!

Sandals, £35 (was £69), & Other Stories

& Other Stories is fast becoming our favourite clothes store. These blue sandals are made from soft, matte leather, and are down from a not unreasonable £69 to a whoop-inducing £35. And don't they look sturdy? I think I could even run for the bus in these (I so couldn't).


Twin flap clutch, £33 (was £65) & Other Stories

More lovely leather from & Other Stories, this time in the shape of this twin flap clutch. It's got two compartments and loads of fancy doo-das like a ring for your keys, pockets for your credit cards, and - most importantly - a MIRROR under the flap. This should be a compulsory requirement for all handbags.

Hamptons satchel, £16 (was £32), Accessorize

I am OBSESSED with this perspex satchel from Accessorize. I know, I've surprised myself. Usually see-through bags leave me reeling in horror - oh, hello world, have a good look at my snot-rag, tampons, leaking bottle of hand sanitiser, £3,000 in used notes, and approximately 234 escaped Tic Tacs, why don't you?* - however, this one has a removable inner bag which conceals all your everyday nonsense. Perfect.

* Four out of five of these things are currently inside my handbag. Guess who else is in there? Why, Hilary and Derren, of course!


Go Fly A Kite dress, £30 (was £45), Sugarhill Boutique

So, here's a dress covered in kites from the always awesome Sugarhill Boutique. Obviously, they've called it Go Fly A Kite. And obviously, that can mean only one thing for us:


Sunrise silk dress, £56 (was £140), French Connection

I've liked this silk dress ever since Sian featured it in her round-up of the most amazing dresses with sleeves. Back then, it was full price, but now it's quite a bit less than half price (I don't do maths, thanks) - rejoicing all round. 


Sailaway circle skirt, £70.95 (was £118), Anthropologie

This Sailaway skirt from Anthropologie has a Tempest vibe going on, which I like a lot and also puts me in mind of the time I nearly died watching an outdoor amateur performance of The Tempest. Have you ever nearly died of Suppressed Laughter While Lying On A Picnic Blanket? Take it from me - it's unpleasant, and borderline gory if you also happen to be eating cocktail sausages at the time.

But I lived to tell this tempestuous tale, and so it's only right for me to celebrate life by doing what I enjoy best: reading the product descriptions on Anthropologie. Turns out I'm completely wrong about the Tempest vibe, because apparently it's actually "a playful, femme vibe". Yes, I am confused too. 

Skater skirt, £15 (was £25), ASOS

I don't think the Sales Spy has had nearly enough GOLD in it recently, do you? Let's rectify that with this metallic hem skater skirt from ASOS. It's so flippy and shiny! Like a golden coin flying through the air. 

Share with me your innermost sales secrets, please. I want to know what you've been buying.


  1. I love that you've somehow made Hilary Devey and Derren Brown living in your bag into a running joke.

    1. I am very glad you've noticed my efforts, Sara. But it's no joke. They're in there. Sweltering in the summer heat.

  2. Oh dear, my finger slipped and I appear to have bought the anthropologie shoes (whistles innocently, hides email from husband)

    1. Excellent! You've saved yourself a heap of money, though, so really you're being amazingly financially responsible. Ahem. ;)


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