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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Luscious Lingerie: Paint Your Own Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie

If you leave Team Sluttery to their own devices for half an hour, they'll probably have coloured everything in. Your Ryan Gosling pictures, your wallpaper (and we'll be playing join the dots), your architecture and now I really want to colour in this Kiss Me Deadly lingerie. Fabric pens at the ready, half naked ladies!

Kiss Me Deadly (yep, those ladies with the knives, I still have no idea why) have designed a gorgeous longline girdle, with a pattern just screaming to be coloured in. They're even giving you fabric pens so you can get playing straight away. Oh, and did you happen to see how flattering her lingerie is?

The girdle is £55, and Kiss Me Deadly are giving tips on how to get the best design, as well as running a competition for the prettiest design. It might not be the most fun thing you can do in fancy pants, but it could be a close second.

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