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Thursday 4 July 2013

Sluttery Travels: The Best Boutique Hotels in Kent

Kent is said to be the 'garden of England' and there are some absolutely gorgeous areas. But when browsing our travel map (go, go see, it's brilliant for holiday and minibreak inspiration), I couldn't understand where all of the lovely hotels in Kent were. We've featured some great places to stay in Kent -  Margate's Reading Rooms is perhaps the most popular, (rightfully so, just look at it). The Livingstone Safari Lodge is definitely a winner, and so is the Beach Sun Retreat that has a sun room for year-round sunshine. For something more traditional try the Old Inn.

So where are the rest? Here are some of the best boutique hotels and places to stay in Kent.

Landmark Trust is always my go to website for unusual places to stay and The Grange is definitely next on my list. Those gorgeous gardens are just seconds away from the beach. It sleeps 8 for around £600 for four nights.

OK, so the snow isn't what we're after here but Prospect Tower looks pretty fabulous, doesn't it? It's in Faversham and only sleeps 2, so it's a little pricier than The grange - it's still £617 for four nights, but you don't get to split the cost with loads of people.

Sawdays has a couple of tricks up their sleeve, starting with Blossomer Cottage - a pop up B&B that's also in Faversham, but only around for the summer. It's £90 a night and quite brilliantly, rather than a supplement. singles can stay for £75 a night.

I can't totally ignore the Kent coast, especially not when these fishermen's huts in Whitstable look so inviting. Prices start at £75 a night.

Whitstable has got some great places going on. Like The Artists' Beach House. It's a beautiful house. And you really couldn't be closer to the beach. Look, you can see it! (No, I don't know why they've lit the fire). The property sleeps eight, for around £1500 for four nights.

Elvey Farm is an unusual place. It's a farmstead, so it's got lots of buildings that you can choose to stay in. It's right in the countryside - in Pluckley, which is near Ashworth. Rooms start around £135 a night, and you can bring a dog! (Have you seen our dog friendly hotels? There are some brilliant doggy pictures in it.)

Now this is a kitchen I would like to spend time in. It's in The Butlery on Sandwich Bay. It's not cheap to stay here - around £900 for a weekend between four - but goodness it's idyllic.

Hands up who wants to stay in Knightrider House? *waves hand until it falls off* I do! I do! It's part of the gorgeous holiday cottages at The Salutation, where you can book rooms individually or entire cottages (prices for rooms start at £160 a night). It's utterly beautiful, and now I have the do-do-do-do-doo-dooo-do theme music in my head. Brilliant.

I'm not sorry.

Want some more travel inspiration? Check out our boutique hotel map!

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  1. Great Blog post - you should check out the Marquis at Alkham - lovely little place...


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