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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Sites We Love: Now That's Pretty

Ever wanted to make your own pineapple light shade? Or Mickey Mouse cake stand? Or flamingo drinking straws? I sincerely hope your answer to all three of my questions is yes, otherwise I have serious doubts that we can be friends. Still with me? Great! Then I want you to meet Ally.

Ally is the clever lady behind my new favourite blog Now That's Pretty. In terms of subject matter, this is a blog which will definitely inspire you to try out new things. Think of the crafty content of A Beautiful Mess with a bit more British bonkersness: Ally's style is cheerful, shiny, more than a bit kitsch and definitely never boring.

I discovered Now That's Pretty when I stumbled across the awesome ukuleles sold by Ally - I am so impressed she runs her business and writes this blog all while being a student at Edinburgh University. Ally describes herself as having glitter on her hands "90% of the time". I think I spent 90% of my spare time as a student in Edinburgh with a Smirnoff Ice in my hands. Now I've seen her glitter jacket project, I realise how much more fun I could have been having.

The philosophy behind the site is that making something each day makes you a lot happier. Just spending some time on Now That's Pretty makes me a lot happier. It's filled with ridiculously wonderful crafting ideas to try out, such as this pineapple lamp (made from yellow plastic spoons!), or this planetary necklace.

But if those projects are a little too out there for your taste, the blog offers plenty of good no nonsense advice too on useful topics such as how to alter vintage clothes. And there's always Ally's ever-changing hair colour to marvel over.

Written with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm, Now That's Pretty is perfect for when you are feeling down on both of those qualities. Let it inspire you to bring some more prettiness into your day.


  1. I'm only reading if she gives instructions for that amazing cherry cardigan! :)

    1. She does! I had a few technical issues in linking to all of her amazing projects but it's definitely on there, and plenty more crafty clothing inspiration too. Enjoy!

    2. Damn! I guess this is another blog-coma I'll be falling in to! I don't know how I'm ever going to get any actual work done when my feed keeps growing at this rate :)

    3. I know that feeling oh too well!


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