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Monday 29 June 2009

Afternoon Tea at Yauatcha

Here at Domestic Sluttery we love tea and cake. It's even better if we are in a gorgeous restaurant and nattering with friends in pretty dresses. So everything about afternoon tea at Chinese restaurant Yauatcha sounded awesome.

I went to the Soho restaurant last weekend for a friend's birthday and I literally could not stop taking snaps. Luckily the friendly staff didn't seem to mind at all, which is fortunate because otherwise I wouldn't have memories of this gorgeous tealight candle-holder. Want. Now.

Sexy candle-holders aside, what really stood out at Yauatcha was the delicious food (but if I'm being honest, they had me at those three-tier serving stands - they could've served up mini rolls and jammy dodgers in them and I still would've been thrilled).

I won't do a thorough analysis of everything that I ate (I can, if you like?) but our tea consisted of dim-sum, exotic fruit salad (including dragonfruit - first time I've seen that outside Asda), macaroons and scaled-down versions of the French cakes that Yauatcha display by the window.

Ooh and scones! It's illegal to serve afternoon tea in the UK without some sort of scone, dont'cha know. Yauatcha's green tea and coconut varieties were, predictably, full of win.

My only quibble with the food was that there should've been more in the way of savouries - all the sweet stuff meant that we staggered out of there feeling a little sick. Yauatcha apparently serves some of the best Chinese food in London, and it would've been nice to sample more of that.

Also, the staff were a little tetchy when we asked to take home the food that we couldn't finish. They got stuffed in paper bags, meaning that the delicate cakes were squashed and ruined. Considering that they had boxes available, I thought this was a little stingy.

All in all, Yauatcha's afternoon tea was very reasonably priced at £25 per head. Go there for a yummy afternoon tea with an Eastern twist in a stunning restaurant. And don't wear a waistbelt.


  1. Ooh I got a *big* telling off for taking photos in Yauatcha! Maybe they've changed their policy, not exactly like I was going to steal their cake designs and open my rival afternoon tea shoppe!

    Mmm caaaake

  2. I thought they would be sniffy about me taking photos but they didn't bat an eyelid - the waitress was happy to take a photo of us at our table too!

  3. The restaurant is honestly the best I've ever been to in London. It's the best Chinese food I've ever had - I lived in China!

    Love it here. Must go back for tea.

  4. I went to Yauatcha for afternoon tea this week and loved the amazing cakes - the dim sum were good but not outstanding, I thought.
    They refused to wrap up the left items, even though it was just 2 scones, because of 'health and safety'.

  5. I know it's three years on, but does Yauatcha still serve afternoon tea? I'd love to try it when I'm in London in a few months.


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