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Thursday 11 June 2009

I heart Hope and Greenwood. A lot.

If a shop has the slogan 'Purveyors of splendid confectionary' you are not going to ignore them, are you? I truly do heart Hope and Greenwood.

Wandering in to their wonderful shop just round the corner from Covent Garden is like walking into a retro fantasy. They sell prety much any confectionary you can dream of (although we're not talking Willy Wonka-esque lickable flavoured wallpaper or ever-lasting gobstoppers I am afraid). Their chocolates are utterly divine (they aren't cheap but they do taste like tiny drops of heaven) and you could spend hours in there gazing wistfully at all sorts of marvellous and mouth-watering snackettes, all tied up in retro packaging and vintage bows.

And for non London-centric peoples, their website is pretty darn ace too, as is their blog. And do you know what else? There's a sale on too! These truffles, that I know will get the pulses racing of my fellow Sluts, are Earl Grey and Lemon Tea flavoured and are £12.99 (down from £15.99).

Omnomnomnomnom. Oh, and they do hampers. Yes hampers. Of sweets!!

Love, love, LOVE them!


  1. Excellent! I should probably get a family discount too! :-)

  2. Yes! Then pass the discount on to us for telling you about your sugary namesake.


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