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Monday 22 June 2009

Top 5 Non-naff beach towels

I'm sure I'm not the only Domestic Slut planning a holiday for the next few months, and no doubt plenty of you are currently shopping for swimwear, taking advantage of 2-for-1's on SPF 25 and decanting shampoo into tiny little containers. One thing you mustn't forget is a decent beach towel. Dump that crispy, salt-encrusted old one and invest in something a bit more special. Unless, of course, you're heading somewhere where they provide towels for free (in which case, you have to try and get one into you suitcase on the way home). Here are five of my faves.


  1. Ooh - I love the last Missoni one. It would be ten times more expensive than the rest, wouldn't it? Sigh...

  2. Twister? Bikinis? Beach? Handsome Men? Cocktails?

    That towel is making me all kinds of happy.

  3. That chocolate stripe one is the most stylish here


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