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Wednesday 24 June 2009

Etsy Pick: Gorgeous Gift Tags by DarlingDillyDilly

To me, stationery catalogues are the equivalent of porn. I can’t deny it: I really do get disproportionately excited by notebooks, pens gift wrap, and all other associated paper-based paraphernalia. Now, whilst that might make me decidedly uncool in a myriad of ways, it does mean I’ve cast my peepers across many a lovely item. But these gorgeous gift tags, from DarlingDillyDilly on Etsy, are some of the sweetest I’ve seen for a long time. She’s got shabby-chic romanticism down to a tee, and I think my favourite might be these vintage-style swallow thank-you designs:

I’m also a bit besotted by these ones:

They’d be perfect for when you’ve a little present to post to someone, but it isn’t for a specific occasion. Or when an ‘occasion’ card feels too formal, but you just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them for whatever reason. Or what about these:

The circus-style font is fun enough to stop these from being over-sentimental lovey-dovey, but they’d still be an affectionate finishing touch for someone special. Although, I’m not sure you’d need that many of these – unless you’re a serial adulterer (which I don’t mind, of course, your morals are your own), presumably you should only be sending items like this to your main squeeze, and they might get sick of the sight of them if they’re plastered over every token of your affections for the next few months!

Each set of gift tags is $4 for a set of six, and since the seller’s based in the UK, postage is hardly anything at all. Bargain!


  1. I love the first ones too much to give away!

  2. I know, me too! You could just attach them to all your own belongings to make yourself look popular!


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