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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sluttishly Easy: Iced Tea

With the sun tentatively shining over the weekend, we’ve started to feel guilty about dissing the weather forecast wizards who promised us a glorious summer. Maybe they were right after all. Now, you know how much we Domestic Sluts love a tea party or two. And if the sun does start making more regular appearances, we want to be prepared with some suitable refreshing beverages. Whilst we’ll never forsake cocktails, they’ll always be a special place in our hearts for tea of all types and flavours. So, it might be simple, it might seem obvious, but iced tea is perfect for hot days, and is one of those concoctions that because it’s so easy, for some reason you just never think to make it.

All you need is: a litre jug, cold water and teabags. Here at Domestic Sluttery HQ, our current hot favourite is Ridgeways Earl Grey. Because it’s only £1.99 a packet, and was first created for Queen Victoria in 1866. We like to think we deserve to be treated like queens, so if it was good enough for Vicky, it’s good enough for us. Royal tea to make us feel like royalty, see?

All you need to do is: combine the ingredients and leave in the fridge (including the teabags) for around 3 hours. During this time you can drool over Domestic Sluttery, or have yourself a little fashion show of your favourite frocks. We don’t mind. Then serve over crushed ice. If you’re feeling fancy you can embellish with lemon and mint. Et voila!


  1. Ooh I'm going to make some right now:)

  2. See! It's one those strange drinks that you never think to make until you see it. Enjoy!

  3. I'm so going to make that this weekend when I'm experimenting with hairstyles for the Domestic Sluttery shopping event!

    Velcro hair rollers and iced tea sounds like a winning combination!

  4. Definitely! I may be experimenting with curled hair too, let me know how you get on! x

  5. I've experimented and shoved a peppermint teabag in as well.

  6. Ooh, how is it? Fruity teas could be a cool twist for summer too...

  7. Kinda chewing gummy lol, fruity would be better:)

  8. I love peach iced tea, so might try and make my own this weekend! I'm guessing some peach juice and freshly sliced peaches should do the trick!

    Maybe mint leaves added in add the end would work better for the mint tea?


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