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Monday 15 June 2009

Pretty things at Melody Maison

My new favourite website has to be Melody Maison. This shabby chic boutique specialises in furniture and accessories with overtones of 'ornate but affordable grandeur.' Affordable grandeur. I like that. Like. It. A. Lot. This wall-mounted wirework jewellery/picture holder is under a tenner!

I also love this jewellery stand which could be yours in exchange for twenty three English pounds and ninety five pennies.

And these lovely tea-light holders make me happy. They also make my bank happy as they are just £13.95 per pair.Whilst these choices may imply that I am very much a girly girl, there are times when I do display the sense of humour of a fourteen year old boy. As is evidenced with my last choice. Enough said!


  1. I love this website too! I have one of the heart-shaped tealight holders.

  2. Love the look of the jewellery stand!

  3. Yes i love the melodymaison look too ! love the words affordable grandure


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