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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Watch this space

A request on our Twitter feed got me all excited. Could we find a special watch for someone's birthday? Well take a look at this one:

This stunning charm bracelet is from Hannah Zakari. The best part? That little watch face works just fine! Watches and jewellery all rolled into one make this much more interesting than a standard time piece. The best bit? It's only £59. Wow.


  1. Oooh pretty...and practical too! YAY!! Love it.

  2. I want one so much! But i have two watches that need new batteries. I should really do that first.

  3. Ooh, look - it has a ring on it too, and something that looks like a gondola! This is really sweet.

  4. Wow this watch is really gorgeous. So much nicer than my plain old one!


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