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Wednesday 24 June 2009

Feeling the love for Laura Ashley

Have you noticed? Something odd has, not the sunshine. No, not the tennis. It's that four letter word that is flying around like mad at the moment...S.A.L.E!

Laura Ashley has got quite a nice little sale going on right now. Buy from their website before the end of Wednesday 24th June and you could grab yourself something lovely for more than half price! As well as their great sale, Laura Ashley has got the summery birdcage/butterfly look sussed. Check out this lovely:

They also have a nicely odd pricing system. Have you got £17.62? Then it's yours! What about £19.58? Then this gorgeous lantern is within your reach!

Need a lace edged memo board with butterfly magnets? (and quite frankly, who doesn't?) Also got £24.48? Then you are sorted!


  1. I can see no purpose for that Butterfly Birdcage.

    But I still heart it so much it aches.

  2. I have a bird cage! They are useful! Honest!

    My friend laughed at me when I bought it, but now I use it as a jewellery box, and a place to hang all of my necklaces.

  3. WANT that birdcage! But, think it might be in the category of girly and whimsical items that the boy will not allow. Curses.

  4. Jane - I have the same problem. Am working on him slowly though. Have managed to get a set of birdie hooks from Plumo (sale!) for the bedroom wall for the sole purpose of jewellery hanging...


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