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Friday 19 June 2009

Plumo sale goodness!

Yay! Everything at Plumo is in the sale! Now I can buy my dream piece of furniture. If that doesn't grab your attention, have a look at these lovely things. They're in the sale too.

This shopper is just £9 now. Cute, isn't it?

I really like this cute little jacket. Perfect for when it's that kind of weather between cold and not cold. Annoying. It's £45 now.

I love these vintage leather purses. They're now just £20.

I might have to raid my piggy banks tonight. Dammit, I was saving that money for cocktails. Why can't I have lovely things and fun drinks?


  1. Was looking at their site earlier on today, but it's a bit crafty as not everything is in the sale. Good reductions on some things though!

  2. Is it not? I looked at most things and they were. They don't have a specific sale section though. How sneaky. Don't really approve of sneakiness, but I do approve of pretty things! Damn those pesky people at Plumo.

  3. if you can bear holding on for a week or two I think they prices go down again on the sale items! :)

  4. If the kyoto bench I want is any cheaper next week, I might have to snap it up!

  5. Can you guys issue full feeds? I can't admire the pretty things in Google reader and it's making me sad. :(

  6. I'd looked early yesterday and was disappointed that the cake stands weren't reduced. However, looking back today they now are, so perhaps they were still working on it. Don't really need another cake stand, but...! Very tempted by lots of nice things, but may hang on for further reductions. Plumo is one of the shops I'm afraid I only buy from in the sales.


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