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Monday 8 June 2009

Shopping Heaven: Miso Funky

I've always preferred a trip to IKEA over Topshop and funky cushions over a bursting wardrobe. I'm much more likely to lust over a leather Filofax than I am a pair of Louboutins (true fact: I asked my parents for the Filofax Classic Personal Organiser for my 17th birthday) and I think that you can never have too many tea towels.

So the homeware fetishist in me squealed a little when I came across Miso Funky. This is why:

1. It's fronted by a Giraffe named Hamish. 'nough said.

2. They aren't afraid to use the odd salty word here and there. Take this Fuck The Dishes tea towel - succint and stripey. What's not to love?

3. They take samplers out of your Granny's living room and turn them into something modern and edgy. We've featured the Home Sweet Fucking Home sampler before, but my personal favourite is Who's Bad. Because every home needs a stitched Michael Jackson homage somewhere, right?

4. Their Tea Cup Candles may be the perfect combination of everything that I love.

Whilst Miso Funky is a little limited in the stationery section, I won't hold it against them and neither should you. Go visit, if only to see the cutest Giraffe this side of London Zoo.

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  1. Oh fabulous! I love Miso Funky - great customer service and fabulous products. I commissioned a sampler from Claire that says 'Show me a tidy house and I'll show you a boring woman' and it's great :)


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