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Tuesday 30 June 2009

Cocktail Hour: Black Russian

It's officially summer, so that means every single cocktail you see is going to be be summery themed. Expect to see a lot of fruit-based sugary rubbish. Why do we need to put mango in everything? If this is your bag, that's great, but if some of you fancy something a little bit darker, you might like to try a Black Russian.

You need these things:
  • 50ml Vodka
  • 25ml Kahlua
  • Ice
You'll need to do these things:

Shake the vodka and kahlua together, pour over the ice into an old fashioned glass. Simple.

Flickr image from cogdogblog's photostream.


  1. mmm, lovely, one of my faves. also even more delish when topped with a little Guiness!

  2. sorry but this cocktail should not contain coke! 2 parts vodka to one part kahlua. "Trust me i'm a bartender" ... try for good recipes.

  3. You're absolutely right, Anon. I can only blame a fleeting case of stupidity. The rest of our cocktail recipes are lovely, I promise! We were just one month old when I wrote this, I think my cocktail knowledge has vastly improved over the last two and half years!


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