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Thursday 11 June 2009

Wardrobe lust: Topshop Heart Dress

If I'm not the proud owner of this dress by the end of the week, I'll be a very sad Domestic Slut indeed. It's only £50 from Topshop and it's stunning. I know I'm usually all about the vintage stuff, but for this little piece of prettiness I can make an exception.

Still not convinced? Check out the back:



  1. Decorum in the front, and freakum in the back! Me likey.

  2. It's a very popular dress - my friend picked one up the on her shopping spree yesterday! It'll be sold out before I get my mitts on one!

  3. anyway we can get manufecturer name of one last piece of this dress...?? :(...i liked it sooo much

  4. oooh, i like it so much!
    it's a pity that it's out of stock now :'(((


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