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Wednesday 17 June 2009

Cool summery evenings - Tie Rack Scarf

You might have noticed that while it's all lovely and sunny in the day, it's still a bit nippy in the evenings. So you go out dressed all summery and pretty, and then by nine in the evening you're cursing those clever girls who have jackets and tights on while you're shivering and moaning about sitting outside. Stupid boys and their cosy warm shirts.

I'm going to pick up this lovely scarf from Tie Rack. It'll keep me warm and it's extra pretty too. But, it doesn't look like a winter scarf either - very important. especially considering it's June. I'm not impressed with having to show you a scarf in june. Who do we have a word to about the weather? Might have to write to that Sian Lloyd woman.

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