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Friday 12 June 2009

Shop in the spotlight: Anusha

I stumbled across Anusha late last night. They're a mix of pretty dresses that would make you look very grown up, and wonderful accessories to make you look pretty. I prefer the latter, especially these things:

This bracelet is so pretty. Very girly, but the silver tassel and beading makes it look classy, instead of it looking like something your little sister would wear. It's £25.

Really want these fold up ballet shoes.

Usually, pretty garlands come with butterflies. I'm a bit bored of pretty butterflies now, so this antique pink rose garland will look great in my boudoir. It's only £13 and comes in cream as well. It would look great draped around the Tim Walker staircase print we featured earlier in the week as well.

I like being a girl sometimes.


  1. I LOVE the rose garland! I'm buying it as I type, and I just bought the staircase and dress prints at the beginning of the week! Thanks again for such great suggestions for a rented apartment. And as I kill all green living things as soon as I step in the front door, the rose garland is perfect for me!

  2. Wow! Did you go for the cream of pink one? Pleased you've found so much stuff here that you like!

    Always worth asking your landlord how they feel about painting and decorating - most are fine with it as long as you're not painting the walls black or something. Most of the time, they'll be happy for you to take care of small things instead of them having to deal with it!

  3. Yes I went for the pink one, it will go perfectly with the décor! :) I also have bought one of the 'home sweet fucking home' cushions from miso funky, to help give all my girlyness a bit of an edge! The bedsit I've moved into is brand new, with the walls a very nice neutral cream. So luckily I don't have to paint! But as it is basically a very large room with a kitchen it can be difficult to make such a large space seem cohesive. Currently trying to create 'Zones', amazing the things you pick up from channel 4 property shows and re-runs of changing rooms! :)

  4. I heart the cream rose garland. I think I'll buy it and squirrel it away until I move house.


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