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Monday 8 June 2009

Comic Book Shoes from Angeline Tournier

Shoes that have comics! Shoes that have comics! Not just that, but really pretty shoes, all sexy silver and shiny and space agey. I'm fully aware that these are a little bit ridiculous, but that doesn't stop me wanting a pair. You would have adventures wearing these shoes! Really good ones! Who wants dull black shoes when you can have shoes with comics on?

These are £175 from Angeline Tournier and they've sold out in my size. But, if you're lucky you might be able to snap up a pair.

I'll be cutting up comics and trying to stick bits to my Mary Janes, but I imagine it won't have quite the same effect. Humph.


  1. This idea is quite popular (and has been for a while) among certain crafting circles. It is entirely possible to decoupage your own shoes with comics :)

    For example:


  2. I've seen this on tableware before, but I didn't think it would work on shoes, but those look great! Tempted to give it a go!

    Thanks for the link!

  3. There was an article about how to do it in the Guardian a few weeks ago:

  4. Wow, all of these links to crafty goodness! I'm really tempted to give this a go myself now!

  5. I love these shiny funny book shoes. They are made for adventures, funny and wonderful adventures.



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