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Monday 29 March 2010

Almost Easter: Chocolate Scotch Egg

I love a bit of kitsch, and Artisan du Chocolat have made my dreams come true this Easter with this fantastic handmade chocolate Scotch egg.

Of course Scotch eggs are not Scottish at all and were actually invented in London, by Fortnum and Mason, as this rather irritating song attests. Traditionally they consist of a boiled egg covered in sausage meat, then breadcrumbed and fried. But as it's Easter, Artisan du Chocolat have recreated this picnic classic in chocolate form.

The egg itself has a dark chocolate exterior, which has been rolled in chocolate shavings to give it a breadcrumbed look. Sometimes I find dark chocolate too bitter (I am a milkybar kid at heart), but this stuff was perfect. A brief moment of sophistication before delving into the interior...

The sausagemeat was approximated with pinkish chocolate marshmallow studded with crunchy bits of puffed rice. This was the weakest element of the egg for me - although faithful to the traditional Scotch egg design, there was a bit too much of the fluffy stuff for my taste.

However, once I got through the marshmallow I had a real treat. The white chocolate egg in the centre was filled with super-sweet vanilla cream "white" and a zingy passionfruit "yolk". Posh creme egg heaven.

At £14.95 this egg doesn't come cheap, but it's certainly unusual, quirky and made of top quality chocolate.

Order online or pick up another kitsch classic like this boiled egg from an Artisan du Chocolat shop.


  1. WANT. And if someone wants to buy one for me and despatch it to Liverpool, even better. ;)

  2. i like the twist, I do. But... it just doesn't look very pretty, does it?

  3. Sounds vile I am afraid!


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