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Friday 19 March 2010

Give me Liberty, or give me MAC!

Two of my favourite brands in the world - Liberty and MAC cosmetics - have got their stylish heads together and created an amazing must-have make-up range. It truly is a prettiful print-fest, full of delicious eye-candy that's almost too good to use!

My favourite is probably the Summer Rose (soft violet pink with pearl) Beauty Powder (£19.50) that would take pride of place in my make-up bag.

Mind you, this 'Perennial High Style' Lipglass is all sorts of adorable...

And if I were a lipstick-wearing gal, there's no doubt I'd be coveting the 'Ever Hip' lippy...

This one's a keeper, for sure: a lovely Nail Lacquer with a cute bird motif! (£8)

Give Me Liberty of London by MAC launches next month (available online although ironically, not from Liberty itself as there's no MAC counter!) - and there's even something for the non-beauty junkies: this rather lovely flower-print scarf (soft wool/viscose blend, measuring 27" x 82") :

Now, who was it who once said, 'Give me liberty, or give me death?' They must have had a sneak preview of this pretty product, for I predict a sell-out. In stores from April.

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