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Wednesday 24 March 2010

Shop in the Spotlight: Nordic House

Call me ludicrously optimistic, but it only takes an hour of weak sunshine to convince me that a long, hot summer is almost here. I wish, for my own sake, that this was an exaggeration but alas, it's not. The minute the temperature creeps into double figures, I rummage through my wardrobe for my bikini, denim hotpants and sunglasses, and never mind the weird looks I get from my neighbours when they witness this annual pantomime as I shiver in my garden in ridiculously inappropriate clobber.

But, my perhaps premature daydreams of garden parties, picnics and all manner of other outdoors frivolity also have their upsides. And one of those is my discovery of Nordic House, a site I'm now slightly obsessed with. It's not my usual taste (no scantily-clad ladies, birds or bunny motifs in sight), but these vintage-inspired tealight bottles just make me swoon. They'd be perfect hung from a tree in the garden for twilight gin-fizz sessions. And they're only £13.50 each, although you'd be best investing in a few for maximum effect.

Or, for more illuminating lighting, how about these retro rusty hurricane lamps? Arrange them on your patio if you're lucky enough to have one, or if not maybe on either side of your fireplace to recreate that holiday cottage romance at home. At £24.95, they're cheap but chic, although again you'd probably need more than one, so the cost could soon add up.

If you prefer to keep things simple, then these oversized outdoor candles could suit you. Available in either black or white and in a range of sizes and prices from £10 upwards, they'd be best assembled in small groups, but take extra care if you're not using holders that they're not placed where they could be easily knocked over!

That should take care of the garden party practicalities. Now, where did I put that Pimms jug? Oh, and my umbrella?

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