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Wednesday 17 March 2010

Head in the clouds

Over the last few months clouds haven't been my friends, bringing rain and snow and all sorts of horribleness. But, like a five day weather forecast, that's changing by the minute: with some blue skies suddenly gracing this fair land, I'm prepared to look a lot more kindly on our cloud friends. Especially if they are cute little fluffy ones suitable for prettifying yourself or your home. If you like to always take the weather with you, these numbers are bound to take you to cloud nine.

Add some whimsy to your sofa with these cushions from Donna Wilson, which come in the candy floss-like colours of white, pink or blue. I'd like to think they have a silver lining but I've a feeling their £39 price tag won't stretch to that. Get them from the Little Baby Company.

Wordsworth would surely approve of this double cloud brooch from Lost at Sea. As you wander lonely as a cloud, it will help you look extra stylish. £24 buys you this solid walnut delight.

If your forecast is more cloudy with a chance of meatballs you might want to flavour your food with these rain shakers: perfectly formed salt and pepper shakers that cost £9.95 for the pair.

More blue sky thinking and more tasty food options with this sushi set available from Made in Design. £49 buys you three cloud shaped bone china dishes of varying sizes for use as a chopstick holder, a dish for your soy sauce and a large plate.

In need of storage? Well then, this Nimbus cloud shelf should take you to cloud nine. It's a whopping £230 but it holds 70 DVDs or 50 books - presumably The Cloud Collector's Handbook will be one of them.

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