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Tuesday 9 March 2010

Sweet Treats: Hotel Chocolat Spring Range

Being a Domestic Slut comes with many perks. Chocolate is one of them. But honestly, there are only so many boxes of chocolate you can eat, right? Sometimes, we get a hankering for all things savoury y'know. But then a charming courier man knocked on my door (somewhat confused at a parcel addressed to Domestic Sluttery HQ). And he handed me a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates and a bottle of bubbly. Yay! That's a fabulous way to start the week!

And despite my need for something savoury, Hotel Chocolat's new spring range is marvellous. I always worry that when you have a chocolatier that does things right, they'll start doing those 'unique' flavours that taste of rubbish. But Hotel Chocolat have reinvented the wheel. Yes, I want a Florentine Dream - a gooey caramel square with florentine on the top. And of course I'd like to try a chocolate based on the Cosmopolitan.

Wow, that's got one heck of a vodka kick.

I've eaten all of my chocolates now (I'm even tempted to eat the raspberry ones even though I'm allergic) but I would happily eat another box. They're new, they're interesting. And they're really very tasty. Box of 30 will set you back £19.50. I reckon you've got time to order them for Mother's day, but if not, you should keep them all for you.

Our yummy treats were provided by to celebrate their new advert. Go visit them and y'know, fall in love and stuff.


  1. You ate them ALL? Well done!

    You can't fault Hotel Chocolat for presentation, although some of these chocs look like leftovers from their Valentines range... :)

  2. Oh, I should clarify, my box was half the size of this one :-)

    You're right about the heart shaped ones, but they were tasty so I don't mind.

  3. Ooo yummy! Might have to treat myself to a box!

    Loving your blog by the way, only just found it so taking some time to read through the posts and it's fab!

    Jess at


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