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Monday 29 March 2010

Cupboard Lust: Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit

All this latest fuss about how naughty Nestle are has had me hankering for chocolate with guilt-free ingredients. So I was rather excited when I found out about the Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit, from Firebox. The kit contains ingredients free from dairy products, sugar and processed vegetable fats. Apparently idiot-proof, it takes only fifteen minutes to make using the enclosed raw carob and cacao powders, agave nectar and a natural blend of cacao and coconut butters, and includes suggestions of how to customise your chocolate with additional ingredients.

At £14.99 for a kit which makes only 153gm, it's certainly pricier than treating yourself to a slab of Dairy Milk from the off licence when you've had a hideous day, but if you can resist its temptations that long, it'd be a original addition to a dinner party. You can show off your chocolatier credentials without having to adopt a dodgy Swiss accent or a comedy moustache like the experts in adverts.

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