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Monday 15 March 2010

Zara Patchwork Quilt

This patchwork bedspread is so lovely. I've always liked the idea of making one, but of course I'll never get around to it. And why make one yourself when this one from Zara Home is just £179.50? It'll add a cosy countryside feel to your home immediately, and now it's slightly warmer it's a great replacement to your giant duvet. Here's a close up:



  1. One reason not to buy it is because for £179.50 it's probably been made in a sweatshop.

  2. That's quite a sweeping statement. It's such a low price because it isn't handmade, or (I imagine) from a particularly high quality fabric. High Street brands are much more ethical about where their items are made now. I don't know much about where Zara source their items, so I'm not going to dismiss them either way, but just because something is good value, that doesn't mean it's been made unethically.

  3. The first thing I thought when seeing the closeup was "haha! The fun the cats would have with the wooly bits!" I'd spend the night being pounced on :)

    Though you may have reignighted my lurking desire to start playing with patchwork...

  4. Perhaps you could promote instead the forthcoming V&A quilt exhibition or the UK quilters guild?

    There are many people who make patchwork quilts here in the UK who would benefit from promotion rather than the above.

    This was undoubtable made using a sewing machine, even then it takes a reasonably long time and hence money. If it was handmade it wouldn't be on the highstreet.

  5. This is a very badly made item. Not quilted. The squares are ramdomly sized. Very little thought has gone into the design.

    Why not speend £50 or £60 on some materials and MAKE YOUR OWN!!


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