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Tuesday 30 March 2010

Graham & Green for Spring

Over the next week or so, you're going to be seeing all sorts of new pretty things popping into the shops. In clothes shops, it doesn't work so well, because you walk about thinking "why are you trying to sell me this maxi dress?! It's RAINING!" and leave in a sulk (or is that just me?) But all of my favourite interiors shops go very bright all of a sudden. Especially Graham & Green. I often prefer their summery stuff to the rest of the year, and their new collection is lovely:

This kitchen rack is an absolute must-have. Useful, unusual and coincidentally matches the colour of the kitchen in Sluttery HQ. It's £120 and available on pre-order. The jasmine bowls are lovely too.

These stunning Aladdin vases just popped up in our Sluttery Picks Twitterstream and they're such an amazing colour. They're tiny, for the very prettiest little flowers, so they're £12 for six.

OK, so I can't afford this bone inlay chest of drawers, and it's the same as their black and pink versions. All they've done is change the colour. But what a stunning colour it is. Shame it's £1495.

I love these items in the new range, but there isn't much that really stands out at me. Except these lampshades. But they're standing out for all the wrong reasons.


  1. That dresser is stunning! I'll have to get out the paints and update the old dresser since the in layed bone is out of the budget. Lovin' it!


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