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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Shopping Heaven: Jessica Chorley

Jessica Chorley is one of the most unique shops in London. Part studio, part hidden away little vintage treasure, it's the reason Columbia Road is such an exciting place to shop.

This is the perfect place to come for really unique gifts. Love spoons are a traditional gift in Wales, but Jessica has put her own very pretty spin on them.

She's famed for her personalised notebooks. All of which are utterly gorgeous. They're made from old books, but it's all the personal touches that make them special.

Every inch of this tiny shop is decorated with pretty things. All of which are well priced (like those watch rings we showed you last week) and unique.

It's so nice to see some interesting vintage pieces popping up. This is one of the nicest shops I've been to in London, so it's well worth popping your head up those stairs at the weekend.

Jessica Chorley's shop is on 146 Columbia Road and open at the weekends. You'd be mad not to go. She's also got a website,, but you can't buy anything directly from there.


  1. The shop is so beautiful that I don't mind the lack of website. And that's something I NEVER say.

  2. I went in on Sunday - I agree it's such an amazing shop. So many simple, beautiful ideas, I found it really inspirational.

  3. There is a website! I just found it! It's which is why it's difficult to find. And unfortunately, you can't buy anything directly. Which is just as well, I'd spend a fortune.


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