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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Happy birthday to us!

One year ago today, a group of food and prettiness-loving ladies launched a blog. That blog was Domestic Sluttery.

Yes indeed, crack open the bubbly, put your party hats on and celebrate with us. It's our birthday! Yay! We've had the best year, and we're so pleased you've all joined us in having so much fun. We've had an awesome shopping event (expect another one very soon), some fabulous competitions (and one more later on too) and we've had some great trips away as well. And then there was the Habitat promotion and our recent Mother's day posts where we let our mums take over the site. All so much fun. And we've got much more planned too.

I asked some of the girls about their favourite posts over this last 12 months:
Your favourite posts? Apparently this little lot:
We've been feature in Ideal Home, Company Magazine, London Lite, London Paper (RIP) and The Metro. And so many websites have supported us but special mention really should go to the boys at Hecklerspray, who know they visit us way more often than they'll admit. We've had a blast this year, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without all our readers and supporters. You're all wonderful. Thank you all for reading.

Now what what exciting things shall we do to make our next year even better? We'll have a bit of a think while we get ourselves a glass of something bubbly.

Flickr image from Mykl Roventine's photostream.


  1. Happy Birthday you slutty lovelies

  2. Woohoo! We'll be dressing like old ladies and carrying a selection of cakes around in our handbags before you know it. Oh, wait a sec...

  3. Happy Birthday - and many congratulations on a site well done. Have fun!

  4. Happy birthday! Here's to another year (or three!)

  5. Yay, happy birthday!! I am so glad I found this blog... it has saved me from some seriously bad days at work and means my house is full of pretty things :)

  6. Happy birthday! I've really loved reading; looking forward to another year of inspiration. x

  7. Happy birthday!! Go get 'em girls!!


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