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Friday 12 March 2010

Blogs we love (birthday edition): Bright.Bazaar

My favourite design blog, Bright.Bazaar, turns one this week. Run by the wonderful and charming Will Taylor, Bright Bazaar is the happiest, most colourful place on the internet. I defy you to read Will's blog and not want to paint your entire house blue and purple. Or pink and yellow. Basically any other colour than it is at the moment.

Bright.Bazaar is so good at bringing everything together. Will teaches you how to do simple decorating (you can find his crafty tutorials in the Guardian) and he makes it look easy - often just going by instinct and looking at what works. Even if it shouldn't. He makes you want to take risks, and try something new. What's the worst that could happen? It's just a bit of paint...

I had no idea Bright.Bazaar was only a week older than Domestic Sluttery, it feels as though it's been in my RSS forever. Long may it stay there.

Happy birthday Bright.Bazaar!

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  1. What a lovely write up. I feel so touched. I may not be a girl, but I sure have loved reading the posts by the sluts over the past year! Looking forward to your birthday week next week. Yay!

    Thank you xx


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