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Monday 8 March 2010

I'm as big as! Hunkydory Home Height Chart

This height chart from Hunkydory Home is so much fun. I used to have one when I was younger, but this one is a much more grown up version. Well, grown up in the sense that it's for tall people. People as tall as The Bogeyman! And erm... a badminton net.

I don't think the beardy man comes with every purchase, but the height chart is just £9.99


  1. What a short beardy man! I am apparently (I can tell by squinting) the height of an average supermodel - how exciting! And slightly taller than a seated giant panda! Woo!

    I think I want one....

  2. This looks brilliant! I have no idea how tall or short beardy man is as I still only compute feet and inches....but we used to have our own family height chart (son=6ft4in, hub=6ft2in, daughter=5ft8in & me, 5ft 3.5 inches) but we knocked a wall down recently (on purpose, don't panic)and builders failed to realise the emotional significance of wall, i.e. it showed there was a time when I was taller than giant children!

  3. I gave this to my sort-of niece (7 years old) last Christmas and she loved it. I'm as tall as a supermodel 8-)

  4. I'm not very tall, but I peered very closely at my screen and I'm as tall as the world olympic standing high jump record! That's amazing!


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