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Tuesday 30 March 2010

Travel in Style: Pin-Up Girl Luggage Tags

Maybe it's a touch too early in the morning for these two saucy minxes, but I just couldn't resist writing about these pin-up girl luggage tags, brand new from Lunacy Boutique.

Jazz up a plain suitcase or overnight bag with your choice of six curvaceous cartoon vamps, printed onto leather-look tags with a secure, adjustable buckle and space on the reverse to scribble down your address details.

They're £6 each, and I'm tempted to splash out and collect the whole set to use as gift tags doubling up as a small extra present for my pin-up loving friends.


  1. These are great! You'd be guaranteed that no one else would have them, unlike the lone red ribbon that half of all travellers tend to tie on their generic black suitcases!

  2. Exactly! No more waiting by the conveyor belt for ages eyeing up every single suitcase!

  3. Is it a one-time-only deal with the address or can you change addresses with every trip ? Is it wipeable or is there a little card that can be changed ? If it's possible to change addresses on them, I'll be getting these like a shot !

  4. From what I can make out from the product description, there's a card insert you can change as and when you need to, but you'd have to double check with the retailer to be sure :)


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