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Friday 19 March 2010

Blogs We Love: Food Stories

Every time I look at Helen Graves' beauteous blog, Food Stories, it's guaranteed to have me drooling all over my laptop in a matter of minutes. With a flair for mouth-watering photography, she's also a very talented writer indeed.

Her blog posts are deceptively simple and straight-talking, so that even an enthusiastic amateur like me can get to grips with what's involved in each of her culinary masterpieces, appreciate and be inspired by them.

Whether it's blogging about the best chicken sandwich she ever had, her attempt at star anise ice-cream, her recipes, restaurant reviews or London foodie news, her knowledge and passion for delicious food is patently obvious in every word.

And anyone who describes their homemade garlic mayonnaise as "a wobbly pot of yellow goo which had ’stick me in your face or stick your face in me right now’ written all over it" is a girl after my own heart.

Know and love any blogs that you think we'd adore too? Tell us in the comments if so!


  1. Smitten Kitchen is a great food blog, written by Deb, a New York writer, cook and photographer, cooking real food in a teeny tiny kitchen, with the added lovely complication of the five month old Jacob. Great pics of the food - and the baby!

  2. Thanks for the tip, we'll make sure we have a nosy!

  3. I'm being bias, but my fwend's blog (or bloggie as she calls it) is pretty good:

    I'm going to recommend food stories and smitten kitchen to her now too, she loves all that


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