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Monday 15 March 2010

Galibardy Rabbit in a Hat Necklace

I'm torn with this whole Alice in Wonderland trend. Mainly because I've been wearing fairy tale inspired jewellery for years, now everyone is doing it! That's not fair. But, I'm happy to play along, if I can still find items that nod to the trend without making my bling blur into the background. What would be the point of that? So, I've plumped for this rabbit in a hat necklace from Lisa Galibardy. It's gold-plated, and just £21. Just don't all rush out and buy one, will you?


  1. I know exactly how you feel!! Alice's Adventures has been my favourite booky wook since I was small, and now I worry that people will think I'm falling on a bandwagon of some sort!

    I may have to postpone Alice-themed wedding!!

  2. Hehe! Now that's the kind of wedding we'd like to go to!


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